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3 Breathtaking Ways to Pop the Question in Jasper National Park this Summer

People come to Jasper National Park in the summer to hike, camp, and explore lakes and areas where diverse wildlife thrives.

But did you also know some people also come to Jasper National Park to propose marriage? 

It’s a no-brainer for outdoor enthusiasts from across the province, and from all over the world.  Popping the question in a location as breathtaking as Jasper National Park is romantic and memorable. 

But scheming up a plan to surprise your partner in Jasper National Park takes stealth and research, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. That’s why we’ve put together three ideas for popping the question. Each includes a guided tour to take the stress out of the day and let you focus on just two things: the one you love, and keeping the ring safely hidden until the big moment! 


maligne canyon waterfalls on a sunny day, in Jasper National Park

Idea 1: Epic Waterfalls & Rushing Water at Maligne Canyon 

Maligne Canyon in the summer is all about taking in the majestic power of the thunderous waterfalls. Between Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 on the Maligne Canyon hike, you will find some of the most picturesque waterfall scenery in Jasper National Park. 

Your plan: double up on the memory-making with a Maligne Canyon Guided Hike & Wildlife Tour Deal. You’ll have the flexibility to decide which tour to pursue first, so you can plan out your proposal down to the hour. The Wildlife Tour portion is offered in the evenings and the guided hike in the mornings. 

For your proposal, you might consider popping the question during your Maligne Canyon hike and cap things off with the Wildlife Tour. 


two hikers on the boardwalk at maligne lake

Idea 2: From the Highest Point of Maligne Canyon 

Proposing on a bridge in rush-hour traffic is one thing, but what about proposing on a bridge in Jasper National Park, from the highest point of Maligne Canyon? From fifty metres (160 feet) above water, let the power of nature summon the courage to get down on one knee. Bridge 3 on the Maligne Canyon hike delivers on drama and stunning views. 

Your plan: the Maligne Canyon Hiking Tour, which includes hotel pickup and dropoff, so you can focus on the task of the day. This three-hour hiking tour in Jasper National Park provides a guided journey through Maligne Canyon. Enjoy informative stops to learn about Karst topography, the mystery of Medicine Lake, and the history of the Maligne Valley. 

On a guided tour, everything from bear spray to hiking poles is taken care of. You and your partner get a stress-free adventure and the perfect platform for a proposal. 


a lake at sunrise with mountains in the background

Idea 3: Sunrise, Overlooking Maligne Lake 

Jasper National Park is particularly gorgeous in the early morning hours. Golden sunlight pours in over its lakes and snow-capped mountains. The plan to propose at sunrise might take a bit of convincing and cajoling if your partner isn’t a morning person, but sharing this special moment in the stillness of nature will more than make up for those sleepy grumbles. 

Your plan: a Sunrise Photography and Wildlife Tour, complete with coffee and a light breakfast en route to Jasper National Park’s most scenic locations. For all your partner knows, you’re both getting up early to capture Jasper wildlife at its most untouched and serene. 

This three-hour tour will give you plenty of opportunities to pop the question. We recommend waiting for a lakeside moment at Maligne Lake, which is memorable for its azure waters and Rocky Mountain backdrop. At this time of day, you and your partner will feel as though you have the whole lake to yourselves. 

Propose in Jasper National Park this Summer 

With a helping hand from SunDog Tours, you’ll have the place and plan ready for proposing in Jasper National Park this summer. Book your guided tour and be sure to tag us in your Facebook photos of the happy day.

Book a Jasper adventure with SunDog Tours today. Contact us to get started!

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