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Jasper Park Lodge Spa Packages

Relaxing Activity
Fall / Winter Season
Varies Departure
60 / 75 / 120 minutes Duration
18+ Ages
Price: $203 from

SunDog Tours and Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge have teamed up this Fall and Winter to present unique Spa Packages.

Welcome to a place inspired by nature’s elements. A powerful yet gentle force that constantly gifts new perspectives. A chance to rediscover your natural rhythm and experience a greater level of reconnection.

Firstly Jasper does more than simply take your breath away: It inspires you to slow your pace. To breathe deeply. To reflect on the amazing artistry of nature. This reflection underscores every treatment and experience offered at Fairmont Spa Jasper Park Lodge, after a day of adventure on tours such the Wildlife Discovery Tour or Maligne Canyon Hike take the opportunity to relax and restore your inner peace. 

At Fairmont Spa Jasper Park Lodge, they channel the natural elements that surround us through treatments designed to enliven your skin, restore your muscles, and soothe your spirit. Here, we unite ancient modalities of movement with sophisticated technologies to transform our awareness of what our bodies can achieve. 

You’re invited to share this space with us and begin your own story of connection—to the powerful mountains and the elemental brilliance of nature, but most of all, to yourself.

Included with these spa packages are access to the Gym, Heated Pool, Hot Tub, Dry Steam room and Eucalyptus Steam room.

Jasper’s signature pedicure offers the ultimate pampering for your feet. Enjoy a mineral foot soak followed by a lavish scrub. Feel yourself drifting away as your feet and legs are massaged with warm stones and luxurious lotion to aid in deep relaxation. While the feet further nourished with a warm paraffin treatment, enjoy a hand massage.

$203 + 5% tax per person 
75 Minute Treatment

Stimulating grapefruit and black pepper combined with stones warmed in water to create a deep heated massage application and a unique aroma that releases tension and melts away stress. This treatment incorporates the four elements therefore is grounding. Rock represents earth, heat represents fire, aromatherapy represents air and the water soaking the stones represents water.

Adult $285 + tax per person
60 Minute treatment

Bring the serenity of nature to your mind, body and skin. Feel restored from the stresses of modern day living, cleansed of pollution and relieved from restlessness and agitation.  Forest therapy’s unique essential oil blend and treatment massage will reinforce your intention to feel refreshed , tranquil and grounded. Commencing with a cleansing, guided inhalation and tension releasing acupressure massage, followed with a relaxing facial to recharge through the face hands and feet. Finally, restoring tranquility to the mind with our expert scalp massage.


Adult – $414 + tas per person 
90 minute treatment 


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