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Seniors Will Love These 3 Safe & Fun Summer Tours in Jasper National Park

With the success of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, it’s time to reconnect with older adults who have been isolated for the past year. There’s no better way to spend time with family and friends than visiting Jasper National Park for some fun summer activities. SunDog Tours provides visitors sightseeing options that are perfect for the older adults that you’re travelling with.

1. Jammer Tours

Whether visiting Jasper in the morning, afternoon or evening, experience a historical adventure on SunDog Tours’ 90-minute Historic Jammer Tour. The historic 1939 Jammer series tours feature different activities depending on the time of day chosen—pick one or book all three for a day adventure. On the tour, you’ll experience the rich history of Jasper National Park, the townsite, railroad, Project Habakkuk and more! This tour is a great option for older adults since you’ll be riding in SunDog Tours’ refurbished 1939 Jammer open-air sightseeing bus. Your interpretive guide will take you back in time for an action-packed sightseeing tour that is fun for all ages.

Three visitors stand out of the sun roof on the historic Jammer vehicle in Jasper National Park

Breeze into the past during an open-air historical tour of Jasper on the Morning 1939 Historic Jammer Tour. This 2-hour adventure allows guests to experience the colourful history of Jasper. You’ll also visit some of its most spectacular destinations. The 1939 Jammer bus that you’ll journey on has been offering sightseeing and photography tours in North America for more than 80 years! Not only will you visit some of the most picturesque sights in Jasper National Park, but you’ll also learn from your guide about the history of Jasper. This tour is ideal for older adults as it includes short walks, a light picnic breakfast and an exciting method of transportation. There is no better way to view wildlife than from the Jammer’s open roof—so, get your cameras ready and enjoy this breath-taking adventure!

jasper park sight seeing tour bus view

2. Jasper Evening Wildlife Tour

Jasper National Park is the ultimate place to view wildlife in their natural surroundings. This is due to Jasper’s vast pristine acres and small population. There’s no better way to experience the beautiful wildlife than on a Jasper Wildlife Discovery Tour. Discover Jasper’s hidden gems while adventuring through the regions of natural wildlife within the park. On this informative tour, you’ll be able to see the many different animals that call Jasper home. Just some of the various animals that you may see on your tour include elk, deer, bear, moose and mountain goats. The duration of the tour is 3.5-4 hours and is the perfect adventure for all ages! Learn about the different ways that wildlife in the area contribute to the rich diversity of Jasper. Your experienced guide will give you great insight while witnessing these animals up-close.

Two bighorn sheep face each other in a green field

3. Sunrise Sightseeing and Wildlife Tour

SunDog has the perfect option if you’re searching for a tour that is fun for older adults and children. The Sunrise Sightseeing and Wildlife Tour will provide a unique adventure for the whole family. Experience the calm and quiet of Jasper during the early morning hours before the hustle and bustle begins. This guided wildlife and photography tour is an adventure like no-other. You’ll witness breath-taking sights that can only be seen in the early morning, and enjoy a light breakfast, coffee or tea as you venture to see the illuminating light off the lake. The mirror-reflections of snow-capped peaks provide the most spectacular photo opportunities. Your tour guide will show you favourite local sights and provide exceptional insight about the area. This 3-3.5-hour tour is a great option for all ages and skill levels. 

After a year full of isolation, get excited about planning adventures with your loved ones. Reconnect during a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Jasper National Park. With SunDog’s thoughtful tour options that include older adults, it’s easier than ever to book a trip with your whole family.

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