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Valleys Lakes and Peaks Deal!

Minimal to Moderate Activity
Summer Season
Daily Departure
Varying Duration
All ages Ages
Price: $175.50 Adult $95 Child Adults save 10%

Explore the magnificent Maligne Valley and get a birds eye view of the surrounding region of Jasper on this unique combination of tours.  Your SkyTram experience is at your leisure while the “Wonders of Jasper” tour is an interpretive tour with guide and luxury vehicle


This amazing tour is a guided interpretive drive up the Maligne Valley. Our exploration will include a stop at Maligne Canyon for a gentle guided walk to the first two bridges above the gorge, a short stop at the “disappearing” Medicine Lake, and finally  Maligne Lake. At this picturesque gem of the Canadian Rockies you will relax aboard the famous Maligne Lake boat cruise to Spirit Island.  The Maligne Valley Tour is mainly a nature, scenic, and geological voyage but it is also an excellent opportunity to see some of Jasper’s wildlife.  90 minute boat cruise included in price.

Departure: Daily 8:30 am
Duration: 5-6 Hours

Jasper Skytram Summer Schedule 2019

*Shoulder Season April 28th-May 17th & September 4th-October 14th

Jasper Hotels to Jasper Skytram

Sawridge Hotel 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Marmot Lodge 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Tonquin Inn 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Chateau Jasper 9:05/9:20* 11:35 13:50  
Jasper Inn 9:05/9:20* 11:35 13:50  
The Crimson 9:10/9:25* 11:40 13:55  

Jasper Adventure Centre 611 Patricia St.

9:15/9:30* 12:00 14:00  
Mount Robson Inn 9:20/9:35*  12:05 14:05  

Jasper Adventure Centre to HI Hostel/Skytram
9:15/9:30*    10:30   11:45   14:00     15:15     16:15    17:30*

Skytram/Hostel to Jasper Downtown
9:30/9:45*    10:45   12:00   14:15     15:30  16:45   18:00*

*last shuttle to town

Jasper Downtown (Jasper Adventure Centre) to Jasper Park Lodge
10:00   11:00   12:15   14:30     15:45     17:00   18:15

Jasper Park Lodge to Jasper Downtown and Skytram
10:15  11:15   15:00   16:00   17:15

Jasper Park Lodge to Jasper Downtown ONLY
12:30    18:30

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