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How to Have a Mini-Holiday on Your Jasper to Edmonton Bus Ride This Summer

Make the most out of your scenic bus trip from Jasper to Edmonton. Catch up on some much needed relaxation time, or take in the sights of the Rocky Mountains. However you plan to ride, we’ve got a few ideas on how to create a mini-holiday on your journey from Jasper to Edmonton.

Arrive Early

To ensure you get your preferred seat, arrive with plenty of time before your bus is scheduled. Whether you want to sit near a window or in a row with friends and family, being early to the pick-up point should provide you with the best seats. Arriving ahead of time is also a great way to avoid being late for unexpected reasons like traffic or road closure, ensuring you don’t miss the bus. See more tips for a stress-free bus journey between Edmonton and Jasper.

Jasper to Edmonton SunDog Tours bus on the highway

Stay on the Lookout for Wildlife

Driving through Jasper on your way to Edmonton provides excellent opportunities to spot wildlife. What better way to see animals like moose, bears and elk than from the safety of your vehicle? Searching for wildlife on your journey is also a relaxing activity. Instead of checking email on your phone, enjoy watching the natural wonders you’ll pass on your trip.

two bald eagles sit on a branch against a bright blue skied backdrop

Pack Snacks and Drinks

It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially after a trip full of outdoor activities in Jasper. Make sure to pack a water bottle and snacks for your bus ride. Some snack ideas that you can pick up before the bus that won’t make a mess include seeds and nuts, granola bars and fruit. Along with snacks, keep wipes or napkins handy just in case there’s a spill.

Admire the Scenery

The journey through Jasper to Edmonton is anything but boring. Since Jasper is nestled in the Canadian Rockies, wonderful sights of mountain peaks, waterfalls and lakes can be seen from the comfort of your bus. Whether you’re listening to music or just sitting in silence, take this time to sit back and watch the beautiful scenes of nature pass by.

stock mountain range

Plan Your Edmonton Itinerary

During your bus ride, plan your time in Edmonton—from places to eat to activities. Using the Instagram Explore page or blog posts to read about the area’s best restaurants, hiking trails and shopping centres. The bus ride is a great time to plan some fun activities during your stay in Edmonton.

Listen to an Audiobook or Podcast

Before boarding the bus, download an audiobook or a couple of podcasts to listen to on your journey. Since these types of activities don’t require you to be looking at your phone, you’ll be able to look outside your window. Audiobooks and podcasts also don’t require the Internet once they’ve been downloaded, meaning that you don’t have to have cell service or use data to listen.

Try Mindfulness or Meditation

Whether it’s through an app-guided meditation, writing goals or colouring, use this time to wind down as you travel through the mountains. There are so many mindfulness activities you can do while on transportation that’ll help relax and enjoy the view. Try this 10-minute guided meditation for calmness by Headspace.

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov on Unsplash

Journal or Creative Writing

Travelling within the mountains is an inspiring experience, where most feel comforted by nature and motivated by the beauty of natural wonders. Take in these feelings by journaling or writing creatively about your trip—whether it’s about a hike embarked on or things you’re grateful for. Bring a notebook or keep your phone handy to write down some of your favourite memories and sights seen.

What To Pack

  • Headphones – The last thing you want to forget on your bus ride are headphones. Listen to your favourite music or watch a movie on your device without interrupting others. If you have time beforehand, create a shared playlist with friends and add songs to different genres.
  • Book or Magazine – Dive back into that novel you started but never finished or that magazine you’ve been meaning to read. As travelling is a time to reconnect, reduce your screen-time by reading one of the book recommendations you haven’t had time for. 
  • Activity Books – Colouring books, word searches, crossword puzzles and other activity books are ideal for keeping your mind busy during your trip. These types of books are a fun way to pass time while challenging your brain to think differently. 
  • Portable Charger for Your Devices – If you’re planning on watching movies or listening to music, make sure to bring a portable charger for your phone, laptop or tablet. If you don’t have a portable charger, remember to fully charge your phone and turn on low-battery/energy-saving mode before your trip.
  • Blanket or Light Jacket – The weather can vary when travelling a long distance. To ensure you’re comfortable on your bus ride from Jasper to Edmonton, pack a light jacket or blanket that you can use to stay warm if the temperature drops. 
  • Notebook or Journal – Instead of writing down your experiences on your phone, bring a notebook or journal to write in. You can keep this notebook as a souvenir from your travels to remember all the journeys you embarked on throughout your trip.

Book your Jasper to Edmonton Bus Ride ‘Holiday’

Now that you have everything that you need for your mini-holiday bus ride from Jasper to Edmonton, all that’s left to do is book your trip! Visit our website for more information about our transportation services.

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