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Embrace the Changing Seasons

Fall in Jasper National Park is the mountain getaway you’ve been looking for. Head to the iconic Canadian Rockies to refresh and recharge before winter arrives. Picture stunning blue lakes, golden and bronze leaves, rugged snow capped mountains, incredible wildlife viewing and evenings snuggled up by the fire, with a delicious hot drink… mmm bliss.

A view of Medicine Lake in Maligne Valley during the fall in Jasper National Park.

Top 3 Ways To Experience Fall in Jasper

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  1. Hiking The Maligne Canyon
  2. Wildlife Discovery
  3. Jasper Train Tours

1. Maligne Canyon Hiking Tour

Explore the deepest accessible canyon in the Canadian Rockies on a guided fall hike with hotel pick up and drop off or self drive options available! You will learn about Jasper’s Maligne Valley, Karst topography and the mystery of the disappearing Medicine Lake. You will see rushing water and amazing waterfalls on your journey starting at Bridge 1 and finishing off at Bridge 5 of the canyon and then we will shuttle you back up to the top of the canyon as an added bonus to keep you from hiking back up the steep ascent!  See fall in Jasper in all its glory.

A view of the creek in Maligne Canyon with lush forests and a small waterfall during the fall in Jasper National Park.

2. Wildlife Discovery Tour

Seek out all of the park’s most iconic creatures. Big or small, there are lots of animals to see in Jasper in the fall! Elk, deer, sheep, goats, coyotes, wolves, and moose are just a sample of Jasper’s wild mountain fauna. As we travel through the Athabasca Valley we will show you some of the park’s most beautiful scenery, so have your camera ready to capture some amazing photos of the highlights of your visit. This tour is the perfect way to spend a fall morning and your best opportunity to see the wildlife of Jasper!

A moose roaming the forest during the fall in Jasper National Park.

3. Jasper Train Tours

Enjoy views of the breathtaking Canadian Rockies in the fall as you relax on this comfortable train journey. With 2 separate tours on Via Rail’s Skeena train, you will be transported along the shores of the mighty Fraser River and into British Columbia’s Robson Valley. Spend half you day enjoying scenic views from the train and the other half of your tour adventuring on our Sightseeing Coach bus where our guide will show you all of the best sights and photo opportunities between British Columbia and Alberta!  Fall in Jasper, and beyond, awaits.

Mount Robson in distance on sunny day, with train wrapping through evergreen trees

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